Hi, I’m Rebecca!

Pictured is Rebecca a Licensed Independent Social Worker and therapist who is holding a coffee and smiling.

As a Licensed Independent Social Worker based in Ohio with over a decade of experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to the field. My journey includes a current pursuit of a doctorate in social work at The University of Alabama (Roll Tide), with a focus on advancing awareness and competence among social workers regarding the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

This exciting life of social work started in 2012 through internships in diverse settings. From mental health agencies to global financial companies, and collaborations with local government officials, my experiences have shaped my comprehensive understanding of social work. Throughout my career, I’ve navigated roles in community mental health, served as a case manager for a Medicaid waiver program, and returned to an employee assistance program. Presently, my professional endeavors involve crafting and delivering wellness presentations, handling client calls (including emergent situations), and developing informative wellness handouts.

While I’ve dedicated a significant portion of my career to the nonprofit sector, my true passion lies in private practice as a therapist. Over the past seven years, I’ve dedicated myself to part-time counseling, specializing in anxiety, depression, PTSD, and providing support to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Notably, my recent focus involves assisting clients in need of gender-affirming surgery through therapeutic letter writing.

In my role as a therapist, I am committed to a person-centered approach. This space serves as a hub for social workers, counselors, therapists, and clients seeking resources, intertwined with my reflections on mental health, advocacy, and the perpetual journey toward being a better human for the world. Explore and join me on this insightful and compassionate exploration.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I have been crowd surfing at a metal show
  • Nikes are my kryptonite
  • I think dress codes for therapists are trash
  • I prefer my coffee iced 98.3% of the time
  • My husband and I drove from Seattle to Los Angeles for our honeymoon with few plans in place
  • I failed out of nursing school and considered majoring in mortuary science before deciding upon social work