You’ve Found A Therapist–Now What Do You Say To Them?

Now that you have found a therapist (or a few!) you like let me tell you the best way to reach out!

As a therapist, I prefer an email from a potential client. It allows me the ability to sit down and type out a proper response. It also allows the client to provide as much information as possible. A good introduction email can let a therapist know if they are able to treat you! For example, if a potential client tells me they are looking for a trauma therapist in their initial email, I know I need to refer out. If they do not disclose that information until our consultation 2 weeks later, that is a wasted time.

A helpful email to a potential therapist will include the following:

  • Why you are seeking therapy including some symptoms that you are having (this can include anxiety, depression, manic episodes, lack of sleep, etc.).
  • Insurance provider or if you are planning to private pay
  • If you are seeking virtual or in person sessions
  • Contact information including your phone number and the best way to contact you.
  • Provide some availability you have for a session
  • If you would like a consultation call, ask if they offer a free 5-15 minute call you could schedule

Here is an example of what that email should look like:

Hi (insert therapist name here),

I saw your profile on (insert website here). I am seeking therapy due to my symptoms of anxiety, I have been having panic attacks every few weeks and would really like therapy. My insurance is Your Friendly Neighborhood Therapist, I checked on the insurance website and you are an approved provider. Are you still offering virtual sessions, as that is what I am interested in? I am available for sessions anytime in the evenings during the week.

Do you offer consultation calls? I prefer to talk for 10-15 minutes before scheduling a session to ensure you are able to best meet my mental health needs. The best way to contact me is via this email or you can give me a call at 555-555-5555.

Thank you!

If you feel confident that this therapist if for you and no consultation is needed, feel free to leave out that part! This script will also work well for a phone call just ensure you are spelling out your email address!

Now that you’ve reached out to your therapist, and hopefully have scheduled a session, check out my post on Expectations for Your First Therapy Session

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