Amazon Prime Day 2022-Some Deals from a Therapist!

In an effort to be as transparent as I possible can, these are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase something from here! Many of these items are items that I have personally tried and believe in! These products are not just things I “found on Amazon”, these are items which make my life easier. Some items I have put on here are things that I may not have but I have something similar, so I believe you would enjoy it! You will not find any books on this list, while I know Amazon is a great place to buy books, please shop at my Bookshop store for all your book needs.

Kitchen Items:

This Ninja Fryer made the crispiest chicken wings I have ever had! We just go rid of our old air fryer and changed to this one. We made a batch of chicken wings in 20 mins…with NO oil! Today it is 27% off and is $94.99

My husband uses this mug EVERY day for work. They keep your coffee hot or cold and they last for such a long time. On Sale today for $32.87 for this two pack!

This is truly one of my favorite items in my kitchen! I’ve used it to make bread, chili, soups, and to sear meat and today it is $20 off!

We have an old Ninja, and actually looking on here, I do not think they even make it anymore! This one allows you to use K-cups and make your own! I truly love Ninja kitchen products and stand by their items!

Alright, to be honest this one is just for me. We replace these in our fridge every 4-6 months and it makes the water taste better. We have hard water and we have a water softener and this and it helps!

Everyday Items!

If you’re a therapist and get easily distracted by all the things around you, I highly suggest these headphones. They cancel out the noise and stay charged for a long time!

I wear this to bed EVERY NIGHT! It travels with me and it has made sleeping a much better experience. Being able to block out the light has helped me get the sound sleep I was lacking!

I am a hair up type of person but since getting extensions, I do not want to ruin them by putting my hair up all the time! These clips are cute, good quality and hold up thick hair!

While I do not have this specific ice roller, I have one and I cannot recommend it enough! I use mine whenever my sinuses feel awful or even if I am just feeling warm.

I LOVE our three cats but every time they use the litter box they make a mess! I use this dustbuster almost daily to help keep the area clean! This is on sale for $27.99!

I have had gray hair since I was 18, this has recently been a lifesaver for me!

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